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Looking at the global market of pharmaceutical exports, India has developed quite a lot to keep pace with the changing scenario of pharmaceutical export requirements globally. A plus point for Indian in the pharmaceutical exports’ market is that it has many positive factors to look at in current time and in future to come. Both, generic and branded pharmaceutical formulations markets are growing at a very rapid pace, which has created a requirement for a consistent pharmaceutical manufacturing and exporting facility with economic inputs. Some of the factors that are really apparent for the selection of India as a procurement avenue to the global buyers of pharmaceutical formulations are :

Why India?

Globalization: Indian pharmaceutical exporters are committed to a free market economy and globalization. Above all, it has a 70 million middle class market, which is continuously growing.

Competent workforce: India has a pool of personnel with high managerial and technical competence as also skilled workforce. It has an educated work force and English is commonly used. Professional services are easily available.

Legal & Financial Framework: India has a 53 year old democracyand hence has a solid legal framework and strong financial markets. There is already an established international industry and business community,

Cost-effective chemical synthesis: Its track record of development, particularly in the area of improved cost-beneficial chemical synthesis for various drug molecules is excellent. It provides a wide variety of bulk drugs and exports sophisticated bulk drugs.

Information & Technology: It has a good network of world-class educational institutions and established strengths in Information Technology.

Consolidation: For the first time in many years, the international pharmaceutical industry is finding great opportunities in India. The process of consolidation, which has become a generalized phenomenon in the world pharmaceutical industry, has started taking place in India.

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